6760 Carì SWISS


On the weekend of 18/19th July 2020 a very special pinball championship will take place in Cari (CH) at 2.000m altitude in the Osteria Belvedere.

This is the highest pinball tournament as we know in Europe (maybe in the world).

Everybody who enjoys pinball and nature is warm welcome to join us in a beautiful scenery in the middle of the alps.

Some of the best Pinball Players of the world have planned to be present like Daniele Acciari (4 times Pinball World Championship from Italy) or Robert Sutter (best Swiss Player) and others as Markus Stix (Best Austrian Player) and planned is as well the Actual Pinball World Champion Johannes Ostermeier (18 Years from Germany).

It also depends on the actual Covid-19 Situation.


The event will take place in the Osteria Belvedere on 2.000m altitude at the middle station of the chair lift.

Depending on the weather the pinball will be placed either on the inside or outside of the Osteria Belvedere.

The gaming area is inside is very large and gives enough space to have enough distance between the players. On the outside the terrace is also very large and has enough sitting place to enjoy and wait between the games.

Coordinates are of Osteria Belvedere       Campello TI, 6760, Switzerland, 46.504449, 8.823899

Address of chair lift station                          Carì Croce 5, 6760 Carì, Switzerland, 46.494104, 8.816718

Starting time of the Pinball Championship is Saturday and Sunday at 10 am


The tournament will be split in 2 phases.
  1. Qualification on Saturday (whole day) and Sunday (morning) possible
  2. Finals on Sunday starting at ~13:00


Possible qualification times are: Saturday 10:00 – 19:00 and Sunday 10:00 – 13:00 Entry fee:
  • 5 CHF per ticket (You can play 3 games of your choice)
  • Best ticket score will be used for the qualification
  • Hint you can play more often to increase your chance to enter the final
  • Within each ticket you can chose 3 different games which are available for qualification and your score will be written down by a scorekeeper and been put in the system. The ranking of the 3 scores achieves points which will be summarized per game and been put in the overall scoreboard. The Score of the best ticket will be used for qualification
  • Each Pinball Machine will be set to 3 balls per game (no extra balls)
  • The best 16 Players our of the qualification are entering the final

The Details for the qualification can be found here. It will be played based on Matchplay (www.matchplay.events) with the following settings:
  • Card-based Best Game
  • Scoring System: PAPA (10/90/85/84/…)
  • Max. number of cards: unlimited attempts overall
  • Card Scoring: All Cards count
  • Number of games per card: 3 games per card


The Final will start on Sunday 19th July at 13:00 in Osteria Belvedere


  • The best 16 Players our of the qualification are entering the final
  • If a player is not present on Sunday at 13:00 then the next ranked player gets the opportunity to enter the final
  • Single Elimination bracket in best of 3 formats will be played.


1. Certificate, Trophy, 200 CHF
2. Certificate, Trophy, 100 CHF
3. Certificate, Trophy, 50 CHF
4. Certificate, Pinball Comic Book


Following Pinball Machines are Planed for the Tournament
  • Rick and Morty / Spooky Pinball
  • Dominos Pizza / Spooky Pinball
  • Batman 66 Super LE / Stern Pinball
  • Beatles Platinum / Stern Pinball
  • Stranger Things Limited Edition / Stern Pinball
  • Black Knight Sword of Rage Limited Edition / Stern Pinball
  • Jurassic Park Premium / Stern Pinball
  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Collectors Edition / Jersey Jack Pinball
  • Dialed In Collectors Edition / Jersey Jack Pinball


All local legal requirements are valid and needs to be followed.

In the gaming Area which is very large we will allow 30 people and the others needs to wait outside and can enter as soon as a player has finished his games.

In direct competition in the finals we recommend to keep 1m distance between the players during the game.

As additional prevention we recommend to wear a face mask.

The Pinball Machines will be regularly disinfected in the touch areas to increase counter measures.


Massimo Scolari and Stefan Riedler are both passionate Pinball Fans and met each other in June 2020 in Cari Switzerland. Massimo is Living here and Stefan is coming from Vöcklabruck Austria which is at an other end of the alps in the nice Salzkammergut.

Playing Pinball and enjoying social live is a passion for both of them for a longer time. Massimo bought his 1st pinball machines a long time ago and came recently back to this hobby. Stefan is the head of the Pinball Club FlippArena in Vöcklabruck (www.flipparena.at) and owner of RS-Pinball e. U. (www.rs-pinball.at).

Both try to enjoy the live and had so much fun together on a nice weekend in June in Cari that the passion and beautiful scenery around has been the fundament for the decision to give more people the chance to enjoy all this together in a never happened combination.

So the idea for Pinball Alps was born and will come true for the 1st time already a few weeks after the decision.

Massimo’s Pinball Machines will be used for the tournament and will be transported by Stefan to the top of Cari to the Osteria Belvedere. Further friends will help to make the weekend a lot of fun and both hope to have a successful weekend so that this event can take place maybe annually.

We are looking forward to see you in CARI.
Massimo Scolari
Stefan Riedler


Stefan Riedler from the Pinball Club FlippArena and the Pinball Shop RS-Pinball is supporting us to setup this event and have together a lot of fun on this weekend.

If you are interested to play any kind of pinball machines then it is always worth to visit the FlippArena Vöcklabruck in Austria.

RS-Pinball is a distributor of all Pinball Brands and have several games always on stock. Otherwhise the will organize most of the games from you based on their international contacts.

You can reach Stefan via office@rs-pinball.at or +43 699 10 87 86 01


Please send us a message via this contact form for registration to the tournament.
Without registration your participation is not guaranteed, but we do the best.
It is important for us for the planning due to Covid, to have a better estimate about the amount of participants.

Thanksfor understanding.